“Fit for today and ready for tomorrow”

We believe that modern organisations need to master both, efficient execution, and experimental rapid iterations! That is why we accompany organizations in successfully developing and launching innovative, digital products and services.

The world is changing at breath-taking speed. This dynamic offers you exciting challenges as well as promising opportunities.

Hierarchical structures, a wait-and-see attitude or blind efficiency optimization: All elements of the old world. What counts today are disruptive innovations, new leadership styles, and digital or adaptive business models. Exploiting existing products and services is not enough to remain fit for the future. Companies need to explore new business areas and growth markets.

We believe that modern organisations need to master both, efficient execution, and experimental rapid iterations!

That is why we accompany organizations in successfully developing and launching innovative, digital products and services. Together, we implement a second operating system in your business environment: an agile network organization that works alongside the parent organization – and develops the innovations your company needs for the future.

The result is a “ Dual Organization ” that manages today’s operations while looking for tomorrow’s innovations.

Your organization and your goals are unique. Your transformation approach should be too! We help you design a transition strategy leveraging cross organizational input from the ground up – and use diagnostics to measure adoption.

Your organization and your goals are unique. Your transformation approach should be too!

We don’t operate with a one-size-fits-it-all-approach. Rather, we take a close look at your corporate culture, your strategic and operational business – and then jointly customize frameworks and approaches to meet the individual needs of your transformation.

We help you design a careful transition strategy leveraging cross-organizational input from the ground up – and use ongoing diagnostics to measure adoption. We connect and collaborate with your relevant stakeholders to share knowledge and enhance organizational change competencies.

Our guiding principles:

Don’t put your vision in a box. There are no boxes!

 Transformation is a process – not a project!

Sustainable Transformation = Change + Transition

Transformation should be driven from inside out – not from outside in

It’s not about getting on the right path. It’s about finding a working path

The key to transformation is action. We nurture the culture of Bold Creative Action (BCA)

We practice an effective listening and co-creation mindset

Complexity is where opportunity is born – instead of controlling it, we embrace it

We love working with people who are interested in real change!

Transformation is no “walk in the park”. It is a tough challenge with unclear crossroads. We equip your managers with proven expertise, offer new perspectives as well as reliable tools and hands-on-support to move forward boldly.

We know: Transformation is no “walk in the park”. It’s a tough challenge with stumbling blocks, unclear crossroads, and high hurdles. For us, however, it’s business as usual, it’s our vocation.

That’s exactly why we are your strong transformation partner at eye level. We ask the right questions, take you into the business sparring and enable your organization to take the leap towards the future.

Whether you are restructuring an established company, recovering from a crisis, managing a merger, digitize your business, innovating, or launching a corporate start-up, we equip your managers with
proven expertise, offer new perspectives as well as reliable tools and hands-on-support to move forward boldly. Together, we build and walk your transformation path.


“Your path to the future”

Essential Services

Our services are oriented to the essential phases of a business transformation. In the process, we combine our experiential knowledge with co-creative methods to actively accompany our clients on their journey. The proven implementation approach is characterized by a systemic and future-oriented mindset and can be measured by quantifiable results for both the hard economic parameters as well as the ‘soft’ human aspects.

Smart Tools

Just as craftsmen need the right tools, we also need appropriate helpers for transformation work in large or complex changes. To meet the demand for scalable and efficient support for our customers, we have developed practical tools based on our joint experience. These are supplemented by state-of-the-art applications from our cooperation partners. Our smart products are playful, collaborative, experimental, straightforward, business, and future oriented.

Essential Services

Our portfolio is based on the three generic phases “Purpose & Picture”, “Plan & Act” and “Resolve & Learn”. The corresponding services reflect the character and specific requirements in these stages of the transformational journey.

In doing so, we bundle our experiential knowledge with co-creative methods to actively support our customers on their journey.

Smart Products

We have many years of transformation experience and always work closely with our customers. A toolbox with a variety of smart tools and methods complements our service portfolio. The smart tools are playful, collaborative, individual, experimental, straightforward, business and future-oriented. Most can be used flexibly online or on-site.

Success Stories

“Creating transformations”

Client Testimonials

“Making a difference”

“We hired Dr Behrend in August 2017 as a transformation manager on an interim basis to lead and drive our initiative to reorganise the production department, with around 1,400 employees. He consistently demonstrated a remarkable ability to not only cope in stressful situations, but to grow in them. Dr Behrend demonstrated exceptional initiative, creativity and leadership skills in successfully implementing the planned organisational changes that he was responsible for.”
Dr Lothar Krings, Managing Director
“Dr Behrend supported us during an important phase of the company’s transformation. He led the implementation phase of our new market approach, which included closing branches, centralising and harmonising processes, optimising central customer support and professionalising our online services. Despite the difficult environment, the considerable impact on the organisation and employees, and the short implementation time, the project was able to be completed on time and on budget.”
Robert Nürnberger, Managing Director/CFO
UNION TANK Eckstein GmbH & Co. KG
“Dr Behrend has the amazing ability to quickly build a good relationship with people from different fields and cultures. My colleagues and I got to know him as a clever coach and sounding board who has excellent leadership and organisational skills: he takes responsibility, leads the team through critical times and motivates everyone involved, from team members to external partners. It was a pleasure working with him.”
Wu Jun, Deputy General Manager
Air China
“In 2001 and 2002, Dr Behrend coached our project managers and ensured smooth interactions among all involved. He was remembered so positively that we commissioned him again in 2009 for a similar issue. With his foresight and “can-do” qualities, he contributed to the fact that 130 million pension receipt notifications were able be processed on time the following year.”
Dr Heinz-Peter Röhrs, Head of Application Software Department
Data Centre of the North Rhine-Westphalia Financial Authority
“Frank Behrend supported our restructuring and integration phase for more than nine months. For example, he analysed and optimised relevant business processes, among other things, in order to effectively align our business and IT strategy. He is an excellent team player and his entrepreneurial and results-focused advice has proven to be very effective in our company. It was the best choice to commission him for our project.”
Thomas Lau
Systems & Excellence, Lufthansa Group
“Dr Behrend combines exceptional skills in the field of coaching and corporate transformation. This proven expertise amidst the “symbiosis” of hard and soft influencing factors enable him to design substantial ideas. He has the natural ability to strategically penetrate a business problem and at the same time ‘pragmatically solve’ it thanks to his operational knowledge and experience.”
James Westgarth, Senior Director Procurement Performance
AirPlus Payment Management Ltd. Co.
“In view of the great challenges posed by the complexity of the project, e.g., an undeveloped market, a brand-new business model, complicated product processes and intercultural differences, Dr Frank Behrend was able to demonstrate his dynamic skills. His initiative and tenacity ensured that both team members and external stakeholders accepted their responsibilities and that various difficult situations could be mastered together. Frank is a very reliable person. He also fully respects differences in culture and mentality, which, in my opinion, was the key to the success of the project.”
Lucy Wang, General Manager China
AirPlus Payment Management Ltd. Co.


“It’s all about the people”

Dr. Frank Behrend

Managing Partner

“Baby boomer with startup mentality and pragmatic out-of-the-box-attitude – refined with profound agile expertise.

Cooperative Partners

We are enthusiastic about the idea and values of a cooperative partnership, which we have actively cultivated for years. We are particularly fascinated by the combination of personal responsibility, solidarity, and commitment that characterizes our collaboration – and makes it an economically successful and socioculturally indispensable part of our work for – and with – our customers.

Christian Bauerschmidt

„Senior Project & Interim-Manager“

Judith Müller

„People make the difference“

Volker Huber

„Simply and straight ahead“

Heike Kasamasch

„Marketing Communications Project Manager“

Achim Krieger

„Interim management for medium-sized and upper medium-sized companies“

Eckhart Hilgenstock

„Structure for digital business“


"Knowledge is power as long as it is shared"

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Purpose & Picture

All people concerned need to understand the crafted purpose and the logic behind the initiative before they think, feel and act on it:

A picture needs to be painted and shared to make clear how the result of the common journey looks and feels. If Stakeholders are able to imagine this pictorially, they dedicate themselves to the transformation with heart & soul.

Our services:

Plan & Act

Create a step-by-step plan of how the mediated result is to be implemented. This course of action must be communicated authentically and regularly, so the participants have a clear idea of how to walk the path.

In terms of concrete implementation (Act), we highly emphasise that all participants should be given a role or function, both in implementation and in the result – if possible. All participants need a concrete opportunity to make a tangible contribution and actively participate.

Our services:

Resolve & Learn

When organisations and people leave comfort zones to try new things, conflict, uncertainty, and volatility are often their constant companions.

We support our clients in resolving them through active mediation formats as part of structured change work and through individual counselling and coaching services.

A crucial component in this phase of transformation is the collective ability to translate what has been learned into scalable processes and routines.

Our services:

Readiness Check

There are two key elements to change the entire organization or parts of it:

  1. The change competence of the organization, i.e.: the willingness to gradually shape a new mindset, structures, and processes.

  2. An individual package of measures that relates to the value creation and culture of the company. This must be developed collaboratively.

Once the level of readiness and willingness for change is determined, the measures can be developed. Our readiness check provides the perfect basis to assess and strengthen the organization before embarking on the transformation journey.

Transformation Game

The transformation game is an excellent consulting method that can be used both in advance and during the actual transformation process.

The tool allows participants to learn the different phases of the transformation journey and to realistically experience the actions that are important for the successful engagement of different employees.

In a challenging and motivating learning environment, participants can internalize the logical steps of the process – and deal with the psychological and emotional impact of change.

Participants learn which measures can be used to trigger change initiatives and how different psychological types react to them.

The game shows the role of social networks in stakeholder communication and possible intervention measures for the different phases of change.

More than 50 current management theories and approaches form the scientific basis of the tool. It follows the phases of change as first described by Kurt Levin, starting with shock, followed by rational and then emotional insight, and culminating in the sustained integration of change.

Open Innovation Contest

The rules of business and corporate culture have changed. Many companies, large and small, have moved away from a “closed-shop” approach to open collaboration.

Some of the most creative innovation comes from unexpected sources, including people who are not subject matter experts or who are experts in other fields. Sustained open innovation can create strong brand credibility through customer engagement and co-development.

The Open Innovation Contest provides a hands-on experience of the possibilities for business innovation. Interested parties are invited to participate or can apply to participate themselves.

After a compact methodology training, we host a moderated “Innovation Contest” where participants work creatively in diverse self-organized teams on specific topics, e.g. processes, products or radical business ideas.

The teams then “pitch” their ideas to an audience of management, employees, staff representatives or even customers.

The final evaluation is supported by an online survey tool to ensure the necessary objectivity and transparency.

Transformation Roundtable

The Transformation Round Table is a leadership program in which you will learn everything Dr. Frank Behrend knows from more than 15 years of transformation practice. In this way, you avoid many of the stumbling blocks that our founder Frank has already encountered in his many years of change work.

Intensive support: Training with Frank Behrend personally! This is not about quick fixes, but about how you can drive change with your employees and managers and grow from it – on a personal and organizational level. In weekly live video calls, you’ll get direct answers to your current challenges and valuable insights into the issues facing other companies.

You will become part of a strong leadership network of business leaders, HR managers and executives who all have the same goal: To establish sustainable change permanently and successfully in their company.

Through group mentoring, you will not only learn from your own questions, but also benefit from the questions of the other program participants. In this way, you develop your own company with the concentrated power of collegial learning.