A systematic analysis of the value chain reveals which adjustments you have to make – always with a clear customer focus. I actively support you throughout operational implementation with my courageous approach, based on methodological expertise, an entrepreneurial joy of design, and empirical knowledge. Optimising your structures, processes and costs is challenging – but at the same time gives you room to manoeuvre.

You resolutely separate yourself from outdated systems – just as you respectfully keep those that have been tried and tested and create a symbiosis of the two. A lived innovation culture, where examples are set, expands upon traditional restructuring measures by adding additional options for development. Your transparent communication gets across to those affected, so everyone pulls together.

“Dr Behrend supported us during an important phase of the company’s transformation. He led the implementation phase of our new market approach, which included closing branches, centralising and harmonising processes, optimising central customer support and professionalising our online services. Despite the difficult environment, the considerable impact on the organisation and employees, and the short implementation time, the project was able to be completed on time and on budget.”

Robert Nürnberger, Managing Director / CFO,
UNION TANK Eckstein GmbH & Co. KG

In order to promote and strengthen the sustainability of the restructuring process, we will rejuvenate your leadership approaches and improve your economic parameters – quickly. The fresh wind will bring the organisation back on course at full speed. A turnaround is achieved – and the learning process continues.

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