Dr Frank BehrendRe-thinkers and co-designers in a changing world

Dr Frank BehrendRe-thinkers and co-designers in a changing world

I support company managers and management teams throughout criti­cal and digital-driven phases of change, question the beloved status quo – and support you with bold ideas, innovative methods and tireless support across all specialist and hierarchical levels. In delicate situations, I am an authentic doer, enabler, and helpful facilitator. I deal with change strategies and methods on a daily basis, while, at the same time, I step out of the comfort zone. Always curious, always pragmatic, always close to people.

“We hired Dr Behrend in August 2017 as a transformation manager on an interim basis to lead and drive our initiative to reorganise the production department, with around 1,400 employees. He consistently demonstrated a remarkable ability to not only cope in stressful situations, but to grow in them. Dr Behrend demonstrated exceptional initiative, creativity and leadership skills in successfully implementing the planned organisational changes that he was responsible for.”

Dr Lothar Krings, Managing Director,

“Dr Behrend supported us during an important phase of the company’s transformation. He led the implementation phase of our new market approach, which included closing branches, centralising and harmonising processes, optimising central customer support and professionalising our online services. Despite the difficult environment, the considerable impact on the organisation and employees, and the short implementation time, the project was able to be completed on time and on budget.”

Robert Nürnberger, Managing Director / CFO,
UNION TANK Eckstein GmbH & Co. KG

“Dr Behrend has the amazing ability to quickly build a good relationship with people from different fields and cultures. My colleagues and I got to know him as a clever coach and sounding board who has excellent leadership and organisational skills: he takes responsibility, leads the team through critical times and motivates everyone involved, from team members to external partners. It was a pleasure working with him”

Wu Jun, Deputy General Manager,
Air China

“In 2001 and 2002, Dr Behrend coached our project managers and ensured smooth interactions among all involved. He was remembered so positively that we commissioned him again in 2009 for a similar issue. With his foresight and “can-do” qualities, he contributed to the fact that 130 million pension receipt notifications were able be processed on time the following year.”

Dr Heinz-Peter Röhrs, Head of Application Software Department, Data Centre of the North Rhine-Westphalia Financial Authority

“Frank Behrend supported our restructuring and integration phase for more than nine months. For example, he analysed and optimised relevant business processes, among other things, in order to effectively align our business and IT strategy. He is an excellent team player and his entrepreneurial and results-focused advice has proven to be very effective in our company. It was the best choice to commission him for our project.”

Thomas Lau,
Aixpertio GmbH

“Dr Behrend combines exceptional skills in the field of coaching and corporate transformation. This proven expertise amidst the “symbiosis” of hard and soft influencing factors enable him to design substantial ideas. He has the natural ability to strategically penetrate a business problem and at the same time ‘pragmatically solve’ it thanks to his operational knowledge and experience.”

James Westgarth, Senior Director Procurement Performance, Systems & Excellence, Lufthansa Group

“In view of the great challenges posed by the complexity of the project, e.g., an undeveloped market, a brand-new business model, complicated product processes and intercultural differences, Dr Frank Behrend was able to demonstrate his dynamic skills. His initiative and tenacity ensured that both team members and external stakeholders accepted their responsibilities and that various difficult situations could be mastered together. Frank is a very reliable person. He also fully respects differences in culture and mentality, which, in my opinion, was the key to the success of the project.”

Lucy Wang, General Manager China,
AirPlus Payment Management Ltd. Co.

For corporations, medium-sized companies and startups

For over 30 years, I have been supporting corporations like Lufthansa, WestLB, Siemens, Volkswagen, or medium-sized companies like UTA, Dräger and VIEGA, along with government agencies and startups – of­ten over many years. My most important finding for you as a manager: your employees are the key; clear communication and courage to change are the catalysts for a successful transformation.

Consistent, lifelong learning shapes my career, both professionally and as a graduate engineer and MBA with a doctorate abroad. As entrepreneur, with an IT company in 1989 and having founded a digital startup in 2017. I am a lateral thinker and a know­ledgeable practitioner of agile methods, from Design Thinking to Business Canvas and SCRUM to Lean Startup, and as a trained Co-Active® & ORSC coach (Organization & Relationship Systems). You can find more facts on my Linkedin profile.