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We work out your why, so that you have clear goals in mind. Once these goals have been defined, we can derive specific first steps. Stakeholders are identified, and those who are affected are actively involved. They communicate transparently and authentically: Everyone knows where the journey is going – everyone understands the relevant contexts.

Whether for digitisation or other transformation projects, you have set up a transformation office for the turbulent but inevitable “neutral zone” of the transition: your interdisciplinary navigating bridge. This way, you can keep an eye on the guiding principles and ensure agile support at all levels.

“We hired Dr Behrend in August 2017 as a transformation manager on an interim basis to lead and drive our initiative to reorganise the production department, with around 1,400 employees. He consistently demonstrated a remarkable ability to not only cope in stressful situations, but to grow in them. Dr Behrend demonstrated exceptional initiative, creativity and leadership skills in successfully implementing the planned organisational changes that he was responsible for.”

Dr. Lothar Krings, Managing Director,

Your managers grow with their new duties by means of coaching and living and breathing a sparring partnership: a new attitude to change is established, and you maintain the critical balance between speed and sustainability. Your company will ride the wave of transformation instead of being swept away by it!

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