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You and your people understand that dynamic markets make it necessary to rethink things. Multidisciplinary team structures are needed for an agile, innovative and sustainable culture. Meaningful leadership with visions, values and clear goals paves the way.

You will develop agile leadership values based on communication, trust, and an open “error culture”. The strong qualities of your management teams are enriched with agile approaches. Gradually, a new attitude is established that actively promotes authentic dialogue and cooperation across all levels.

“In view of the great challenges posed by the complexity of the project, e.g., an undeveloped market, a brand-new business model, complicated product processes and intercultural differences, Dr Frank Behrend was able to demonstrate his dynamic skills. His initiative and tenacity ensured that both team members and external stakeholders accepted their responsibilities and that various difficult situations could be mastered together. Frank is a very reliable person. He also fully respects differences in culture and mentality, which, in my opinion, was the key to the success of the project.”

Lucy Wang, General Manager China,
AirPlus Payment Management Ltd. Co.

The new attitude takes hold. Your managers internalise the agile values and methods. Colleagues and employees support each other on the rocky road they have taken thanks to a new level of openness, flexibility, and self-organisation. Unknown problems? Solved by your agile leaders, with enthusiasm and team spirit.

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