Dr. Frank Behrend

Dr. Frank Behrend

My role is that of a guide to corporate executives and management teams who face the important task of securing the sustainable development of their enterprises – including the people, structures, processes, IT systems and business environments on which they are based – in response to critical market developments. I regard myself as an enabler and guide when it is essential to work side by side with the management to create a reliable framework for change and to overcome technical, structural and social barriers through well-focused and concerted action.

Business Transformation

Working on the continuous development of business models and organizational structures, winning over stakeholders and providing a reliable framework for change. Actively managing complexity, conflicting expectations and inconsistencies as natural parameters of influence.

Cooperation + Knowledge

Efficiently linking competence to processes within the enterprise so that decisions wind up being made where the knowledge is. Reinforcing cooperation so that knowledge gives rise to action.

Project Recovery

Professionally analyzing the state of problematic projects, respectfully communicating the results of analysis and identifying pragmatic solutions. Stabilizing the current situation, creating a basis for trust and implementing the right restructuring measures together with the stakeholders.

Operational Restructuring

Optimizing structures and costs. Systematically analyzing value chains and streamlining them with an eye to enhanced efficiency, productivity and customer support. Implementing innovative technologies to expand development options, and updating management approaches to reinforce sustainability.

A Sound Basis

For more than 25 years, I have been a trusted consultant to enterprises such as Lufthansa, WestLB, Siemens, Volkswagen, UTA and InfraServ Knappsack. I have provided critical support in international research and publishing projects in the areas of knowledge transfer, high performance teams and change management. My most important finding: your employees are the key to the success or failure of your transforma­tion project. That is why my work includes a strong focus on maintaining a balance of analog and digital factors in an increasingly digital world.

Dr. Behrend possesses the astonishing ability to quickly establish a good working relationship with people from various professional disciplines and cultures. My colleagues and I held him in high regard as an effective sparring partner with outstanding organizational and leadership skills. He’s the kind of person who assumes responsibility, leads teams through difficult times and moti­vates each and every stakeholder, beginning with team members and ranging to ex­ternal part­ners. It was always a pleasure to work together with him.«

Wu Jun, Deputy General Manager, Air China

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Please refer to my LinkedIn profile for more important facts concerning my person and feedback provided by my clients. Please also refer to my Insights, Projects and Interviews to find out why thinking outside the box and trying things out are so important, and how you can also succeed at introducing real innovation in extreme situations.